Mental health content producer

We’re proud to be producing a mental health talk show, that will hopefully start a dialog about the subject that we care so much about. The show’s intent is to educate people and spread awareness about mental health difficulties to the masses. We have a lot of different exciting projects coming but for the moment we’re looking for therapists to join our cause that will help generations to come and hopefully change the world.

Ideally you would be interested in talking about any subject matter that is close to your heart , as a starting block we would like to film content on the following mental health difficulties;

1 Therapy/counselling
2 Depression
3 Stress + Anxiety
4 Personality disorders
5 Relationships
6 Child Psychology
7 Eating Issues
8 Sex issues
10 Anger
11 Addictions
12 CBT
13 Online Issues (dating, trolls, Facebook and narcs, etc…)
14 Sleep
15 Gambling
16 Workplace
17 Psychodynamic Therapy
18 Schizophrenia
19 Psychologist

20 Alcohol
21 Paranoia
22 Self-esteem
23 Bullying
24 Drugs
25 Suicide
26 Family
27 Boundaries
28 Panic
29 Meditation

Pay: Your usual rate

Please email us which subjects that you are interested in talking about to, we're looking to shoot in may so please get in contact asap.

Help us change the world for generations to come 🙂

In the mean time please watch the following two episodes.