Signs of depression in women: Please keep in mind that it is very important to understand that whilst an individual can recover from depression, it will take quite a good amount of work on the individual’s behalf. Depression is something that will not just disappear with the click of a finger whenever you or another person expects it to. An individual must make every effort to keep in under as much control as possible and as often as possible. The good news is, that there are several small things that an individual can do in order to help improve their condition. It is important to begin small, then slowly build up in time. You will be amazed at just how much progress can be made with simple and small steps.

How does depression affect you socially?

All women should realise that depression will have an effect on all aspects of their social lives. This will range from: how valuable they are, their relationships with other people, their jobs, their social lives and their physical health. Please understand that there are other people who have experienced depression before. One Mental Health Association discovered that at least one in every eight women will have had felt the symptoms of depression throughout their lives. The good thing is however, that it can be treated. There are a very, very, large number of things that an individual can work on in order to make themselves well again.


In saying that, those who have depression in their lives, must be motivated enough to work at improving themselves. They will need to want to seek the help that is available. For many, this can often be a very difficult thing to do. A woman’s energy may be low, but it does not have to take long to go for a quick stroll. Perhaps a conversation on the telephone with a friend will help.

These two simple things alone, are a great way to improve things for individual’s with depression. It is worth coming to an understanding about what the Signs of depression in women are. Understanding the Signs of depression and women will help women to avoid getting depression. A woman with depression will also be able to improve their condition as effectively as they can.
You may be wondering then, what the Signs of depression in women are?

What is it that women should look out for in themselves and in others around them? The signs of depression will range from woman to woman. Some women may experience;

  • Major
  • Severe
  • Mild depression.

These will all be dependent on how a woman can function in their day to day life. Women who get depression will often only experience it in a moderate or mild form.

Some of the Signs of depression in women to look out for may include:

  • A woman who might have suicidal thoughts, or often thinks about dying.
  • They will not eat as much as they normally would and their weight will change.
  • A woman will find it hard to concentrate and will often sleep more, or less than what they normally would.
  • They will not enjoy the activities they once enjoyed in the past.
  • A woman will often be fatigued and have very little energy.
  • She will also feel hopeless and guilty a lot of the time and not know how to get out of this.

Gender differences depression?

It is good to be aware that there are a few differences of the signs of depression in women and men. Many women will have to deal with specific symptoms more than men normally would. Some of these might be:

Seasonal affective disorder.

This often occurs throughout the cold months because there is not much sunlight available. Most women will also have to deal with the symptoms of a regular type of depression that men will not have to deal with.

Some of the Signs of depression in women in terms of regular depression include:

  • Sleeping more than normal,
  • Eating more carbohydrate food more than normal
  • Putting more weight on.
  • They’ll also feel guilty more than they ever should.
  • Women will likely experience a higher amount of thyroid problems than men. This is because hypothryoidism will very often result in this condition.

It is important to understand however, that this is a condition that should only be diagnosed by a professional doctor. It should not be diagnosed by anyone else. Even if they have the condition themselves.

Male depression.

When it comes to signs of depression in men not women is that men will often find themselves:

  • Wanting to be in control of everything at all times.
  • Create conflicts and arguments.
  • Always putting the blame on other people.
  • They will want to feel protected, yet they’ll be suspicious of things and people easily. If men find themselves doubting themselves, or are in despair, they will consider this as weak.
  • They will turn to alcohol, sex, sports and television to try and medicate themselves.

During depression women can give close attention to negative feelings and bringing them out. They will often cry. Crying is how they deal with any emotional feelings they may have. Women are not afraid to talk to others about why it is they may have this condition. This can sometimes make things more difficult for them. Men, however, will often do or think about something else to distract themselves from it. This is a good way to improve the condition. If you want more info on male depression

Women will often find themselves feeling stressed everywhere. This will be when they are at home, at school or in their work place. Research has proven that it is much easier for women to get stressed from this condition. Men are not likely to get stressed as easily. Not only that, but the physiological response to stress in women is far more different than in men. This is because women tend to develop stress hormones.


More Signs of depression in women.

Many women will often find themselves dealing with body image issues. This will often take place during their adolescence years. Differences with sex will also usually play a part as puberty is taking place. Studies have shown that dissatisfaction with their bodies will usually be greater in girls whilst their bodies are changing during their time of puberty.


Depression at work.

Discrimination at their workplace might be felt because of depression. They may also not be achieving goals they have been working on for a long time. Military service is another major social issue that will result in depression. Regular financial difficulty, trauma from difficult life events, or the passing of a family, member or friend might have also been experienced.

Depression hormone imbalance?

There are biological of a depression hormone imbalance in women. Premenstrual problems may begin to occur whilst a woman is going through her menstrual cycle. Sometimes this will result in other signs and symptoms of depression in women including;

  • Emotional reactions
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating

Infertility and pregnancy often play a major role that causes depression in women. Those who are at high risk will likely experience this.

Miscarriage, infertility and unplanned pregnancy will often cause this condition. Postpartum depression is often experience by those who are new mothers. It is a perfectly understandable condition which will usually begin to disappear in a couple of weeks. There are other women who will have depression that will last a long time afterwards. Postpartum depression is often caused by hormonal fluctuations. The next biological and hormone signs to look out for are menopause and perimenopause. When a woman is having her preimenopause, it is likely that she will get depression. This can result in menopause because the reproductive hormones have fluctuated greatly. Those who have had depression before are likely to get this whilst their menopause is taking place. Finally, there are general health issues that may take place that will cause this condition. Some of these general health issues might include:

  • a bad diet
  • an injury of some sort,
  • trying to stop smoking forever,
  • or a chronic illness of some kind.

Since biology and hormone fluctuations often cause signs of depression in women, it is worthwhile coming up with some ways on how to deal with these depressive times throughout each month. Women should keep track of when they get their menstrual cycle. They should also pay close attention to how they feel in all aspects of their lives. This will teach women about what to look out for and what they can avoid to prevent the symptoms from occurring.

Always keep in mind that depression is a condition that can occur to anyone of any age. It does not have to take place during a specific time in life. If a woman suspects it is something serious, then treat it as though it is serious. There is no need to keep this quiet. It should never be brushed aside or ignored. The good news is, that there are a very large number of things that can be done to improve this condition. All women with this will soon begin to feel better if they do these things on a regular basis.

It only takes a very easy steps to help improve depression. Be aware that all women will need to put as much effort in as they can if they want to begin to feel better. Here are a few positive things you can begin to do. Even if you only do one per day. Don’t for get to ask others for help and support along the way.

Get Out Into The Sun Each Day.

All it takes is a simple stroll around the block, or having a read out in your back yard to enjoy getting out into the sun every day. You could even purchase a take away meal and eat outside, or enjoy some time in the garden. Try to get out in the sun for fifteen minutes every day. If you are in a location where there is not much sun, consider purchasing a light therapy box. These are fantastic for reducing the signs of depression in women.

Have A Conversation With A Friend In Person.

Make some time to have a conversation with a friend in person. It is always important to tell someone you care for and trust about what it is you are experiencing in life. Don’t be afraid to seek the support and assistance you require. The best relationships with those you know will often be the ones to help you get through your difficulties. If you would prefer not to tell those you know what is going on, then consider meeting new people. There are a range of forums or other communities out there that are worth looking into.


Continue Attending Social Functions Even If You’d Rather Not Go.

Most women will not want to get out and about when feeling down and depressed. However, just by having people around you will improve the signs of depression in women greatly. Even if it is simply their presence.

Get Up. Get Moving.

Research has proven exercising as often as possible is just as good as medication. If not, better. It will not only improve your tiredness, but it will also give you much more energy than what you had before. Don’t worry, a gym membership is not required. There are other things that can be done for cheaply or free. Consider going for a walk for half an hour on a daily basis. If this is too much, then aim for fifteen minutes. This can be just as good as half an hour.

Always Get Eight To Nine Hours Of Sleep Every Night.

Many women who have depression will often have a hard time sleeping. It does not matter how much or how little sleep a women has, their mood will always end up paying for it. There are many different healthy sleeping habits that can be learnt by participating in a set sleeping schedule. Consider doing some research as to what these are and give these a go some time. Always aim to get eight to nine hours of sleep every night.

Take Part In A Variety Of Relaxation Techniques.

Consider taking part in a variety of different relaxation techniques. In women these are a great way to reduce stress and the signs of depression. They will greatly improve your well-being and give you a sense of joy. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga and progressive muscle relaxation are also worth taking part in. You never know. You might enjoy them and want to do them every day.

Signs of depression in women.

Relationships with others can have a major effect on a woman’s mood. If a woman is feeling irritable because of her depression, then she is likely to be harsh and critical of others around her. Depression is a condition that will often cause a woman to feel apathetic or empty. Both of these are likely to cause a woman to neglect all relationships they have with others if they are not careful.

If a woman has children in her life, then it is important to take control of their mood. Particularly when they are experiencing depressive episodes. Hormonal lows should also be taken control of. Research has proven that mothers who do not treat their depression will only have a negative influence on their children. This will be in all areas of their life.

Other treatments that can help women who are having signs of depression include:

Making suitable changes to their diet. This will include reducing caffeine, alcohol, salt, and carbohydrates.

Consider consuming more vitamin E, calcium, tryptophan, vitamin B-6 and magnesium. All of these have some fantastic long lasting benefits on women who have to deal with the PMDD condition.

Chaste tree berry and evening primrose oil are also worth having a try of. Herbal supplements are also worthwhile consuming. All of these have their own powerful ways of treating women who have PMDD.

If you are not sure that self-help treatments will work for you, or you already know that they don’t, then consider asking your doctor for some advice on medication or asking for a referral for some psychotherapy. These can also be helpful in improving depression in all women of all ages, shapes and sizes.


It is also worth considering whether depression is a condition that can run in families like cancer. The answer to that is, yes it can. If this is the case, it is good to be aware that it will often begin to occur anywhere between fifteen and thirty years of age. Family links to depression is much more likely to occur in women than in men.

In this article, we have seen that depression is a condition that will remove motivation, hope and energy from an individual. As a result of this, an individual will find it very hard to improve themselves. Women who have signs of depression will find it quite complicated.

There are a large number of issues that can complicate the signs of depression in women. These issues will range from social pressures through to reproductive hormones. These things will often cause a woman to feel stressed easily.

Some of the Signs of depression in women may include: woman who wants to commit suicidal thoughts, or often thinks about dying, they will not eat as much as they normally would and their weight will change. A woman will find it hard to concentrate and will often sleep more, or less than normal. They’ll also often be in a depressive mood.

Some of the things that can be done to treat this condition may involve: exercising, relaxation techniques, getting eight to nine hours of sleep, and continuing to attend as many social functions as possible. Other simple changes might involve: a change of diet, and consuming more vitamin E, calcium, tryptophan, vitamin B-6 and magnesium.

In order to be formally diagnosed with depression, all women who suspect they or someone they know who may have it, must always go to their doctor. Their doctor will be able to professionally and formally diagnose this condition and provide all women with the suitable help and support they will require.

Always remember that every woman is different. They will experience different symptoms and different causes of depressions at different times throughout their life. It does not matter how young or old a women is to get this condition. It can happen to women of all ages, and of all shapes and sizes.

Never be afraid to admit that you or a friend may be experiencing depression. It is nothing to be ashamed or guilty about. If you are afraid to talk to your friends, relatives or family about it, then we urgently advice you to find a support group, or professional for help and support. You will be amazed at just how helpful these can be. Please know that others have gone before you. There are others out there who can help you in getting through this difficult time. You do not have to face it and deal with it on your own. You can do it. You can overcome this condition as with anything in life.

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