Norway content

Due to expansion and creation of content Save Therapy is intending on creating 2 types of content, these are to be a part of the website, and the youtube channel. We have already filmed previous content see our counselling blog and the content we film together will be placed in this section of the website.

1. Misc mental health content

We are very interested in covering the following topics. We already have these topics written as articles but we want to re create the content pieces as video content instead of written articles, as a way of improving the quality.

Sex therapy and counselling, what is it how can it help you?
Anger management counselling: what is it, and can it help you?
Signs of depression in women.
Feeling down for no reason, depression and low Mood.
How to get out of depression?
Signs of depression in men.
Depression Treatment.
Mild Depression
Living with depression
Overcoming Depression
Symptoms of Depression
Depression Self Help
Depression causes
Depression in women and working longer hours
My girlfriend has depression, what can i do ?
How to reduce stress
Anger, Composure, You
The Miracle of Mindfulness
Coping with Trauma
Low self-esteem, narcissism and what do Facebook status updates reveal.
Emotional Abuse
Bipolar and your future
Dysfunctional Family
Emotional Intelligence, and my child
Anxiety, can it destroy relationships ?

Mindfulness and children
Relationship Intimacy
Eating disorders
Chronic Fatigue

2. How to be happy documentary

We are looking to film content based on how to be happy. This concept is in development at the moment. We are looking to film multiple therapists etc talking about their own personal theories on how to be happy, the meaning of happiness etc. We’re looking to film perhaps just 15 minutes of your theories on happiness.

As is the case with all of our content we are hoping to help generations to come build better lives through learning about how psychological concepts can enrich peoples lives.


After having searched many locations across Scandinavia which has some of the most beautiful scenic landscapes around the world, we decided on this AirB&B. The location has 2 main areas where we can film content, the living room and the dining table. We could also film content out side, as we can take the sofa etc outside.


We're planning to shoot summer 2019, and have content going out November. To complete filming we would be interested in you staying with us at the location in Volda.

Photography and branding.

As with all our video content its vital time is set aside for taking photos of you and myself together in certain locations, photos will be mainly of your self. The same goes for cinematic video both studio esc and outdoors. Although i have not found them yet i'm looking for forests and lakes near by for video and still photography. To give the brand high value i want high value photography, videography, design, etc. These are then displayed using social media, instagram, youtube, etc the brand is then regarded highly based on the intelligence of the thought leaders yourself and other we have on the show and mixed with elegant photography / videography produced by myself mean interest in the company and you as a psychologist.

Uploads and marketing.

We're planning to shoot summer 2019, and have all our video content re-uploaded, video by video every few days starting in November 2019. As the videos are uploaded both Norway videos and previous videos already shot will optimised and marketing methods will be applied. This will mean that when people search for videos we will be near the top of the results for keywords such as "what is depression etc" It is in our best interest after all filming and final videos are complete that they are marketed in the best way possible, financially we take care of this. 

Eventually there will be more filming needed over skype where i will be filmed in a studio environment and we would like you to answer questions we received in the comments section of the videos and on social media.

Video still.

Photography style for Norway.

Although the previous photos were taken in london, this is because some of the video content was shot in london. I'm looking to take photos that are similar to the following photos of the female. The same feeling and light position but with different poses that are more suitable for this industry. I want to take natural and some studio type photos. in doors to a variety of looks for the branding but keep a similar style of photography.