save therapy photography

Where to download photos         

We have to distinguish ourselves from the competition
         So have a look at what the other competition are doing

         Notice how bland the photography looks
         None of the photography looks cool, very little of the photography connects with the younger generation and the 30 somethings 

Not just photography but fine art
         As with art and photography, these pieces can leave us thinking about and feeling something, with photography in mind, some times we are wowed, sometimes its just eye candy

Happy, inspirational people
         I’m looking for people doing cool stuff, something that inspires you but not to distract from the content entirely, sky diving might be too much, but it might really fit a certain content piece, for example the snowboarding guy for self development

How do we translate mental health issues?
         Well its hard, unless we just put sad crying people every where, what kind of message does this send to potential clients ? We start to associate sadness and crying with our brand. My thinking is that we should inspire people as much as we can through photography, give people a glimpse of what is possible.

         For example Coca Cola are doing this with their branding, happy vibrant young people. No one wants something that is old, people old and young want something that is new.

         For example Apple do the same when marketing across all product lines, the 1984 ads had lots of old people ruling from what I remember the masses, with a young sports star coming in and smashing up the patriarchy or what ever it was, and almost making way for the young and new.

         Old people do get a look in sometimes but they don’t play a huge part. Obviously there are sometimes when older people are needed, in such content pieces when older people are mentioned.

Can’t choose can’t decide ?
         Yeah sometimes I’m like this as well, in a situation like this I just pick something scenic, landscape, vista something beautiful

What if we want sad ?
         What if we sad people in the photography and we’re finding it hard coming up with other photos to fit the mood

         Don’t show the face
         Facing away

Photography Style

         What I want
                  Can be out of focus
                  It’s the feel of the photo more than anything
                  Filters, filters, filters
                  Fine art

out of focus, but nice feel

the saskia, out of focus, but nice feel, and use of filters

out of focus, but nice feel

good filter

interesting use of filters



What I don’t want
Un-natural photography
                  Shit effects
                  Too much skin soothing, too much white teeth, eyes too white
                  clean look / perfect look / clinical look
                  over saturated
                  3d rendered images
                 artificial looking

bland, no filter

apparently some people think this is cool, its gay

clean look, clinical look

clean look, clinical look

rendered image, artificial looking

funny both HT, and PTC are using shite like this

Generally what works
 human faces
         beaches - but not obvious in your face beach scenes
         We’re going for hints of this
         If we’re talking about marriage, try not to go for obvious shots, go for something with more thought gone into it.

human faces appeal

human faces appeal, nice use of filters, colour, blurred parts

good use of beach

not so good use of beach

good use of beach

not so good use of beach

good use of beach

not so good use of beach

save therapy

has a nice feel, has a black and white filter, not an obvious shot

no filters, well at least not cool filters, obvious for wedding photos (cheesy)